Experience Working For You




BTV Owner / Executive Producer Dave Bartlett has over 25 years of television production experience that he brings to every production. Beyond skill and creativity, Dave and his team bring passion and professionalism to every single project, from shoots for TV shows to videos for business.





With over two and a half decades of production experience in both the broadcast and corporate worlds, high end production values are a signature of any BTV production. The use of music, compelling interview content, and beautiful photography, along with gentle use of graphical support, are all part of the recipe that our clients love.  


First and foremost, service is our best tool.  This is as simple as being very responsive to your communications, respectful of your time, and understanding of your business. But more importantly, it's getting the best possible result and achieving your communications goal.


While some clients may only have a one-time need for our services, most of our clients view BTV as a partner in their business, and because of this we can continue to tell their evolving story to their clients and their employees.  




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