Whenever you create a message you're being judged.  The quality of the message, is itself a message.  Cut through the noise, and reach people on an emotional level. BTV's Corporate Cinema gets your message to stand out with high quality production values and clear messaging that tells your audience "We're serious.  Look what we have to say.


Two levels of service

Full Production

Concept, production, interviewing, editing. The full suite of services that come together to produce effective and impressive audio/visual messaging
 for all platforms.  


Content Capture Only

For producers and media departments: cinematography of interviews and b-roll footage, anywhere in the country. Add optional producer/director services to conduct interviews and get the sound you need for your edit.







This is a signature piece of corporate cinema: A full length (5-6 minute) piece that was designed to play directly to employees at a major company event, but can be re-purposed for recruiting purposes later. Its message can be matched with an event theme and used to open the event.  Typical production time from initial concept to completion: 2 months. It can be matched with a second piece (from the same interview footage) to close the event, known as "book-ending". 







One of the most valuable uses of corporate cinema is let your customers tell their story of success with working with you.  Viewers walk away with not only a succinct idea of what occurred, but with a great feeling that encourages them to work with you.  







A great way to introduce your sales and support staff to your customers and show that you're made of real people dedicated to their industry.  This video was duplicated with multiple employees for a campaign that appealed to clients on an emotional level.







Here's another Success Story that shows off how well produced interviews combined with beautiful footage and efficient editing and music can impress your prospects and get them to call you. 







This piece highlights the people and the mission of Huntington Study Group, an organization founded to promote treatments for the disease and finding a cure.  







This piece highlights a private school in Florida and it's efforts to raise funds for a campus expansion. 


















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